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Results for M02F4.3

Gene ID Gene Name Reads Transcripts Annotation
M02F4.3 M02F4.3 1352 M02F4.3

Genes with expression patterns similar to M02F4.3

Nr. Gene ID Gene Name Reads Σ scores herm1 herm2 herm3 herm4 male1 male2 male3 male4 Annotation
1. M02F4.3 M02F4.3 1352 2 - 1.000 - 1.000 - - - -

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Ebbing A, Vertesy A, Betist M, Spanjaard B, Junker JP, Berezikov E, van Oudenaarden A, Korswagen HC. Spatially-resolved transcriptomics of C. elegans males and hermaphrodites identifies novel fertility genes. Submitted.
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